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It's FREE and you deserve it! The Big Lottery Fund has NOW extended its Heroes Return 2 programme UNTIL December 2015! The Big Lottery Fund is making awards of between 150 and 5,500 to UK based WW2 veterans or their widows for commemorative trips back to the places where they served. This grant also will pay for a spouse and or carer to travel with a veteran. Don't lose the opportunity! We are looking forward to helping WW2 veterans journey back to destinations where they saw action.

This extension is for those veterans who have so far been unable to undertake a commemorative visit. So that as many veterans as possible get this opportunity it is only possible to fund one visit for each veteran, widow or widower. This means that if a veteran has already received funding for a commemorative visit since April 2009, it is not possible to fund a second visit. Old comrades pay their respects

Poppy - Spirit of Remembrance   Learn more about Heroes Return Grants here, or call us on (UK) 01634 233785 to help you arrange your tour and travel itinerary. You must apply and travel before the end of December 2015, so talk to your friends and family - and please take advantage of these grants. If you have any questions about the scheme and whether you are eligible, ring the application helpline on  01634 233785 or email:

Visit the Heroes Return2 Big Lottery Fund BLOG here
There is also a Big Lottery community grant called 'Awards' for All which is available to a group of like-minded people who are seeking to travel together.  Contact us for further information.

Poppy - Spirit of Remembrance   Travel with Spirit of Remembrance and open the Gates of your Family History..


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