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D-Day Normandy: France

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 2019/2020: WW2: Bomber Command
'Braver than Brave

2019: WW2: 75th Anniversary: North India/Burma
Battle of Kohima & Imphal

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2019: WW2: 75th Anniversary Tour
Battle of Scheldt & Liberation of Holland

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Battle of Britain: London Blitz

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Poppy - Spirit of Remembrance  Almost nowhere in the world has not been touched by war at some time – while the 20th Century  has seen two world wars devastate huge areas of Europe, Asia and North Africa – there were also major conflicts in the 18th and 19th Centuries, like the wars of the Austrian Empire and that for the Spanish Succession, with the Napoleonic and Crimean wars having almost the same impact in Europe as the World Wars.

Poppy - Spirit of Remembrance  Battles like Blenheim, Waterloo, The Alma or Sevastopol have become part of the backdrop to European and British history.

Poppy - Spirit of Remembrance  In many ways to understand Europe today we should take a step back into history and study the  strategy and politics of these conflicts.  While this could be done in a lecture hall or classroom the most rewarding way is on a battlefield tour that takes in the castles and palaces, the rivers and mountains that were the backdrop to these epoch shaping events. 

Poppy - Spirit of Remembrance  The battlefield tours run by Spirit of Remembrance are both informative and enjoyable – bringing history alive but doing this in congenial company and in comfortable accommodation.  Travellers with Spirit of Remembrance may even find that they are living history on their battlefield tour as the hotels and restaurants that you stay and eat at may be the very places that served as headquarters or accommodation for generals on campaign.

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Poppy - Spirit of Remembrance   Travel with Spirit of Remembrance and open the Gates of your Family History..


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